DDI Technology is CIADA's preferred vendor for ELT, EVR & Temp Tag

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DDI Technology offers SC dealers a simplified, web-based system which can consolidate your vendors while saving your team both time and money.  You will have access to new tools for the front of the house (VIN & Customer inquiries, instant quotes for out of state registrations) and exceptional reporting for the back of the house to ensure titles and tags are processed on time.  Benefits of DDI include:

  • Suspense & Transaction Reporting
  • Integrated Temp Tag with customized design
  • Local, real-time support (3 different options to serve you)
  • Multiple training options
  • User level customization
  • Out-of-state registration services (TRS)

Complete the form and we will send you all of the paperwork to get started today.  You can also call us at 844-836-1621 or email at sales@dditechnology.com!